surprising what one day can do for a person

the things that are holding me down have vanished.

The smile is back on their face and all the pain is being washed away by the rain and as the sun comes out today they have not even been so happy to wake up to this day.

The words are coming out clearer than before and no time is to be wasted as she moves for the door not looking back at all that has been left behind.

She knows that these trials are not fully gone and the next round will come and she will be ready and will try her best to remember she is not in this alone.

It maybe be silent now but the noise will come and as she gets lost in it, I just hope she looks around now and then and makes sure she still in a good place.

For only the next day will tell if things are getting on the right path and she will be stronger at the end.

She will leave all the old things behind and buy new things for she wants her emotions to be strong and in one piece as she makes this journey will fewer people than before.

But, she has to have faith that it will all work out in the end because, she knows herself more than anyone else possibly could.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Published by mywords2228

I love to write poetry and reading tons of books. I've starting to explore writing fiction so I hope you enjoy my work.

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