I believe

I’m in to deep and now the chains just seem so hard  to break.

But, with all the strength I have left in me I will break them and get away from this place for I just can’t do this anymore.

I walk through life walking around like a zombie with nothing on my mind but getting out of this place.

I feel like time is going by too fast and I’m just barely moving at this point and when I gaze around I truly see all the things that I am missing out on.

I regret this move and now all the cards are out of my hand and I feel like the sinkhole called my life is just getting bigger and bigger.

And my screams for help are getting too soft that no one will hear them in the end.

I am trapped and the way out just looks like a locked door that will not ever open and I will be here for the rest of my life.

That feels like misery and painful and the most stupid and ignorant people just keep kicking me around for their pain is best thrown at me for they don’t want to deal with it.

So like a human punching bag I’m kicked and punched and spit at until they feel like I will break like a worn out piece of rope.

Just one more insult and I will just snap and fall to the floor and as I become nothing more than a used up rag doll.

They won’t feel sad just feel the victory of another win well deserved in their eyes.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes