Daily Prompt: Forest

Walking  in the forest where I feel safe and surrounded by the nature that I love 

hearing all the birds chirping and the wind blowing around me. 

As leaves rustle around my feet as I walk on this old path many have traveled on before, I feel so calm and at one with my life right now. 

I walk alone trying to clear my mind and find the hope that today is just a one day option for me. 

I need this peace more than I need the air around me to breathe because, what’s the point of breathing when all I feel is misery and tired. 

I want and need to live this life full with the hope that everyday will be different and maybe it will be but not on their time. 

This forest is where I can truly be me and just stand in the feeling of peace and happiness and take it all in on my own time and suck it all up until I know I’m full on it. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Forest