Daily Prompt: Laughter

The laughter coming from the back of the store could be heard from the front door and it made you just happy to hear someone having a good moment in there long work day.

You begin to think that without laughter things would be so much more stressful and less enjoyable.

Because, laughter can burn away all the things that make you feel like you just can’t wait for this day to be over.

You work so hard but you realize what were you thinking when you decided to go this way.

Your laugher is so much harder to find and all you hear is a harsh voice coming from you and you wonder what happen to that happy laughing girl.

The past you was so close to that laugher that now you sometimes you  don’t know how to react because laughter hasn’t been apart of your life for a very long time.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Laughter

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