100 Word Wednesday: Week 69


Image by Bikurgurl

Just need to get away and find a place that will bring me a little bit of peace from this stressful place.

Some fresh air to breathe and first time feel like I can try taking deep breaths and not choke on all the pollution that is in the air around here.

I want to walk long walks and know that my lungs will be getting the best air and my legs will be going towards something great, for I want to truly laugh again and smile too.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Published by mywords2228

I love to write poetry and reading tons of books. I've starting to explore writing fiction so I hope you enjoy my work.

4 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Love this! I also saw this image of my kind of peace and perfection. Fresh air, sunshine, and great weather….my kind of wonderful ❤ Thank you for joining us this week!

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