I love you

Those words I haven’t heard in so long make them seem like some fairytale your grandparents used to tell you.

Those words spoken by the right person has you feeling like nothing bad could really touch you.

You know that the pain that waits for you some days would all not seem so bad if those words were spoken to you.

But, like a bedtime story as you grow up they are no longer needed to fall asleep and are soon forgotten.

You want more than anything to feel like if you disappeared someone would do all they could to find you.

If only to tell you that they love you just one more time.

You know there are some you used to say this too and now those words just don’t fit in your life anymore.

Like time has made them no longer acceptable in this situation.

You want to say those words so bad but at this moment who would be around to receive them.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes