Daily Prompt: Patience

Everyday my patience is tested and right now I can honesty say someone days I know that I lose and they win.

But, more than likely they lose and the temper comes out and the nasty words come flying out their mouth.

And they try to hit you well you’re not looking for they want to break you and they want you to give them what they want.

But, the truth is you have had a enough and now as the words come pouring out of their mouth you just ignore it until it goes away.

And as  their empty threats are thrown at you, you just want to tell them you just don’t care and they can go stuff all their negative shit where the sun don’t shine.

But, in the end you just stay quiet and you let them walk away and you just move on to the next person who is just waiting to get what they need next.

The cycle repeats its self almost daily and you just have to have patience during the long period of times when you feel like you are being hit from all sides with no end.

You want to crumble and let it just smash you into non-existent but, you realize that you too deserve better and you too are human and just work for the man.

The frustration shouldn’t be pointed at you but, you are present and so you become the victim and the target for whoever wants you to be right now.

So patience is all you can have because in the end, it doesn’t matter how many ways you explain something someone who wants to be right all the time is not going to hear you.

So be the bigger person and act quick because if you don’t end it now it will go on and on until you get sucked up in the mix of crazy.

And trust me this crazy is not the crazy you want a point of now or ever.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Patience

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