Daily Prompt: Messy

Wind so strong it knocks over everything it can tear away and now everything is a mess

You walk outside and the mess of trash cans blown from outside their homes to trash everywhere.

You look around and wonder where did your trash can went, maybe its the one over there laying on its side by a bush.

Or the one that is in the middle of the street or the one blown across the street in your neighbor’s yard.

You try to figure this all out as the wind blows and blows and place start to get even messier and you have no time to keep thinking as the wind picks up again.

You have to decide which trashcan is closer and you can save and take it home and which ones you just hope someone else takes home soon.

The wind dies down but the damage it brought has already start to do its worst and the hope that those who were affected would recover soon is still unknown to you.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Messy