Daily Prompt: Restart

I sit here trying to find something good to say and all I seem to be doing is restarting everything I write out. 

No that makes no sense and soon it’s erased and shared with no one and if I kept it up for long there would be no words or post out there from me. 

So I pop in my headphones and I listen to something that restarts the writer block in my head and then the words just flow and everything I’ve felt or yet to feel come pouring out on the paper. 

I begin to wonder will this always be the way my writing go and would I ever change it to be more organized. 

Probably not for well why change something that works and keeps drawing from me the emotions I need in that moment of doubt or tiredness. 

The moment when no matter how many words you want to say just can’t get out of you for your energy is all gone. 

But, you just have to write something no for anyone just to get all the stress and joy out of you for tomorrow everything restarts all over again. 

Tomorrow may just be the same old stuff happening or it could be something so incredible that you just can’t believe this is happening to you. 

The one person who seems to be always stepping into puddles and not having a coat when it’s pouring down rain out. 

You hope this restart is the one that will make border in your life more aside and let you through for you have so much more offer than the little taste you have let out into the world. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Restart

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