Daily Prompt: Assay

I stood there in front of a crowd of people and in that moment it felt like they were judging me of how much I was worth. 

Was I worth their time 

to listen to the words that were about to come out my mouth. 

Or was I just a waste of time and they wish they hadn’t showed up at all. 

My worth wasn’t based on my talent or what I had to offer them that night for all they looked at or commented on was what I wore and how pretty some thought I was. 

Well others didn’t really say anything nice at all for I felt I was worth the risk and that well amounted to something but,  I didn’t feel like much as their hateful words ate at me until the only thing I could do was cry my tears. 

I grew thicker skin after that moment but,  it still haunts me every time I get on that stage and I begin to wonder what are they thinking and I hope they enjoy this for I need to make it so bad. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Assay

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