Am I

enough to hold your attention right now. 

Am I enough of a friend for you to reach out to me today or tomorrow. 

Am I the reason things just don’t seem to workout in the end. 

Am I capable of bring happiness to someone else when I don’t seem to care if I am happy myself. 

Am I ever going to see or hear the truth from you. 

Am I ever going to forget the people who are from my past but, pop up in my dreams. 

Am I doing what I love and yet, I am doing what I dislike just to get by in this lifetime. 

Will I become one of those people who are bitter about everything and just be rude because well I can be. 

Am I settling when I should be pushing on and knocking down so many more walls, instead of hiding behind them. 

Am I worrying about the right things or am I stuck in the same mindset that everyone else is and so now I’m lost. 

That bright person who I knew as me seems a million miles away as this dull person walks around with her head down hoping no one sees her for who she is becoming.

For even she doesn’t like who she is now, so angry and sad with no answer to how she can get out of this mess. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


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