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Prompt: Raw

I’m left here feeling these raw emotions of what just happened and I begin to wonder why was I spared when so many lives were lost.

What had they thought before the bullet took their lives and in that moment before fate decided it was their time to go.

Did they wish they had more time or did they just feel sad for the ones that they left behind.

I feel sad for the ones that loss their life that day and I feel sorry for the ones that survived because the pain of watching people you knew fall around you.

The feeling of fear running through you now and that feeling of happiness and safe now ripped from you innocent hands.

Nothing will be the same as you walk down those halls or go about your day, maybe you won’t have nightmares.

But, some will dream about that day and it will haunt them for the rest of their life.

This moment won’t be just one day it will be something that you remember for a lifetime, you will always question that day.

I was left here to say what those that didn’t make wanted to say and in this moment  I am sad that the world is meeting me because of this tragic moment that changed not only my life but others as well.

When does the tragic moment end and life becomes peaceful again, a question I know no one has an answer to right now or back then.

To watch this world fall apart because of gun violence and no hope seems to becoming soon enough.

I pray it all stops soon but, without some action nothing will become of this and we will be reading about another tragic moment again soon.

But, I pray so hard that, that moment doesn’t happen but this world is cruel and we can’t control the actions of others.

So let’s start watching for the signs that may help us stop them before things get too far, for too many young people are dying because of this problem.

That hurts more than the people who live in that town, their hurt carries on to many as they pray for comfort and strength for those who families lost someone so precious to them.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes




By mywords2228

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