Daily Prompt: Rube

He grew up in the country and well he enjoyed the life he lived but, he wanted to see more and be more too. 

He set off to the big city to see the many things that it had to offer him, he didn’t know that his country accent would make people look down on him and call him names like rube. 

He was strong and the walls that had always be up to protect him from the bullies back home, helped him not let them get to him now. 

He found what he loved to do and was good at it too, he wrote songs and stories and became a big success. 

He didn’t go and rub it in the faces of the people who had treated him wrong, he lived his life being kind and loving the people who treated  him bad. 

He knew what they said was not true and that he would make it for he had the talent and he had the faith and his heart was full of love and kindness. 

He knew before they called him names that he was different and unique in his own way and, he knew that the things that made him stand out would help him win in the end. 

He gave back to the people who believed in him and wish the people who didn’t nothing be good luck for he hoped they would change their ways so they too could enjoy the things they love just a little more. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Rube

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