Daily Prompt: Lecture

I don’t want to be lectured on the things I know I’m not doing right or that I need to get better at.

I just want to focus on the now and right now I’m not in the mood to improve but, I know that I’m good at what I’m doing.

Yes, the time for improvement will come but, I’m just not in the mood for I’m feeling overworked and I’m already pushing myself past the limits that I have just to be as good as I am now.

I sit here trying to focus on other things but, the fun and the energy I need to just relax and enjoy these little things in life.

Seems to be ripped from my mind as I get my head right for work, the little things seem to be collecting dust in the corner of my life and sometimes I forget what it felt like to just be able to relax and breath without the feeling of rushing and stressing.

I want the silent for the talking is becoming too much for me and I don’t want to be reminded about the things I’ve accomplished because now I kind of regret it.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Lecture