Daily Prompt: Dim

The light in your eyes dimmed down as you realized what just became your life. The fun that you desired just wasn’t worth it to be lead to this moment that made your heart drop. You knew you weren’t going to make it out of this situation as the same person as you entered in.…Read more »


the window shades and let in the light because I’ve been lost in the dark for so long. I know that I’ve been lost but, I didn’t want to be found because coming back to this place. Brings nothing but pain and the light hurts my eyes for all around I see the truth and…Read more »

Can You

feel me slipping away from it all  One moment your laughing with me the next I’m gone.  The smile you loved to see and the laugh you loved even more to hear fades away as if it never happened in the first place.  Only you were the one that could hold on to me and…Read more »