I see you

I hear you

Crying out

For someone, anyone to just hear you.

You want to be rescued from the pain that your hiding behind those eyes.

You want to be seen as good but, your past is so dark that you don’t know how to embrace the light that is coming into your present.

You want to be seen as the person who is now good and has been forgiven for the his past and now is living in the moment that can change everything.

Your heart just wants to be loved and accepted because well life can get lonely sometimes and you don’t really know whose apart of that life anymore.

You trying so hard to look forward but, the good times of the past keep flashing before your eyes.

And you begin to wonder what life would have been like things had turned out a different way.

But, you begin to realize that every struggle that you had come across was a blessing for your life is where it needs to be right now.

You feel happy and satisfied and even though most days are tough, you continue to get up and be strong and motivated to do what needs to get down because you want to be here when something new comes along.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes