In this

place I accepted who I was and what I had become. 

I was broken but yet healed, the past was long gone but the scars felt so fresh some days. 

That it’s hard to move on even when the moments now are good. 

It’s like listening to the same song over and over again even sang by different people the meaning behind the words still haunt you to your core. 

You want to truly express who you are and what you stand for and as you continue to write every day. 

Each piece taking a little bit of you with it and you begin to feel this feeling of pride every time you finish a piece.

But, then hard times come and your words become few and you begin to wonder if what you wrote was any good.

All that you’ve loved is hard to gasp with some much darkness swallowing you up.

And, all you want to do is cry out for help but there is no one who will hear your call.

All that you’ve accepted and loved is lost with you now.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes