In this

moment I stand alone but not truly alone for my god is always by my side.

Even when I think I shouldn’t be standing anymore because the world wants to knock me down and step all over me like trash that has been forgotten.

The hate and anger are so strong but, yet I stand in a bubble full of love and laughter and even on the hardest days somehow I get through it with minor scratches.

I know what’s protecting me and yet the evil in this world keeps flying at me and even with the greatest protection out there some get in but what hits me.

Just makes me stronger and even when I just truly want to give up and let them win something always pushes back and shows me giving up isn’t what I need to do.

The storm hits and I hit back and though it all there is always a way out that brings me into the light and darkness goes away for a while to fight back another day or week.

And in that moment I am at peace and I feel safe and the things that eat me up inside just disappear and the joy is all around.

The nasty words fall faster than they can be heard and the music is blasting at high volume until the noise is all blocked out and the mind is clear of the doubt and stress.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes