Caught up

in the moment with you feels like a lifetime ago.

Now I’m caught up in everything going on around me and I start to wonder why do I even care about the things that don’t concern me.

But, the attitude that you give before I even open my mouth makes me feel like what has the world come to that you just be rude for no reason.

You come storming in with you attitude for who knows why but, the truth is I don’t care for well I’m just trying to do my job and my patience well it’s limited.

But, when it runs out the things that I want to say I keep it to myself because being mean and rude just well it’s not appreciated or appropriate.

I don’t need or want to get caught up in your nastiness for well life is just too short for all that attitude you got going on over there.

I just ain’t got time for the attitude the anger and anything else you want to throw at me for well I just don’t care enough to be caught up in a fight that is not worth fighting at the end of the day.

Like yesterday I can’t remember who pissed off who but if I saw your face I would remember who you are and I will let yesterday go but, I hope today you’re in a better mood.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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