I wish

I had all the answers for you

then maybe life wouldn’t be such a disappointment for you.

To shield you from the things that just eat me up inside when you hurt, it hurts me the most.

For you to survive and truly live this life I feel like I have to journey through the things that tore you apart and pick up all the pieces you left behind and slowly but surely build you back up.

So one day you can just simply smile because you are alive and the world isn’t as bad as you thought it was.

You will hopefully live everyday with a moment of clarity and to just stop worrying about what others think.

For you have all you ever wanted right in front of your eyes and the things you want to happen will happen and you will wonder one day who made this all possible.

And maybe I will leave a letter and I hope you will be grateful and accept that even though there are moments now that you feel alone.

Just know that I am always in front of you repairing and building the future path for you and keeping you close for the love that I have for you is stronger than you will ever know my dear boy.

One day you will be the man I always knew you could be and there will be a few people around you that you will trust and in the end they will support you through the end.

Just don’t crawl back into the hole of the hopeless for the future for you is more defined than you know.



Your Guardian angel

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