Daily Prompt: Sparkle

You have such a beautiful sparkle about you when you talk about the things that you love.

It’s not just in your eyes but it is in your smile when you look at me and laugh with me as I say a joke.

The sparkle in your eye always reminder me of the stars as they shine in the night sky.

I know that you feel the pressure to do so good and make the right decisions in this new journey were about to go.

But, don’t let the things that are new to you stop you for shining as bright as you have always but if you ignore the reality that your sparkle is unique and you are not like everyone else.

Which is a good thing and the minute you accept who you are everything else will fall into play and you will do just great at this thing called life.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Sparkle

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