Daily Prompt: Age

As we come to a certain age we want life to hurry up and  rush through our childhood because maybe being a teen would be more fun and more freedom.

Then maybe your tired of being a teen and so you want to be adult and that’s when you realize there is so much more you have to be in charge of.

Once you became that adult somethings just weren’t the same anymore and you begun to miss the things that used to be.

And resentment settled in and you reason  that you had that life would be easier and simple but, things are more complicated than you thought possible.

You reason you can’t wish to go back to being a child again for that is not how it works in life for you age up not down.

Soon you will begging for a break from the world of grown ups and so many things that send to be solved and made  presentable.

You try to get some sleep and hope that the days to come won’t be as bad as the day you are having right now.

So do I enjoy this age that I am now or hope that when I get a little older that I will have finally found my way or accomplished so much.

I guess only I will know when the journey is complete and I come back to this spot and evaluation how far I have gone and how much I’ve learned along the way.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Age


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