The Daily Prompt: Mercy

To have mercy on someone who has done you wrong, sometimes is hard for all you want to do is be nasty right back at them and not forgive them at all.

But, then you think two wrongs won’t make a right and the right thing to do is forgive them and move on.

For if they lie once who knows if they will lie again, but you don’t let them keep you distracted for long.

For you have so much to look forward too that the world that seems to be throwing the hard times at you isn’t trying to break you and let you stay down but in a way it’s having mercy on you.

For God will give you for your sins but it is up to you to change your ways and even if you don’t believe you know what’s wrong and what’s right and to have mercy on others is probably for the best for you never know when you need someone else to forgive you.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Mercy

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