Daily Prompt: Gingerly

She had to be gingerly as she walked up the stairs so late after a long night at work.

she was just glad to getting to bed for she just didn’t think her body could go any farther on the amount of energy she had been using  up the last couple of days.

She had to be quiet as she came through the door for her roommate was probably already asleep.

She couldn’t remember a night that she wasn’t so exhausted that she didn’t remember when she fell asleep.

She just got ready for bed and soon was passed out and in the morning she would be well rested but the long days of work would soon rob her of her energy.

Days off became shorter and work became longer and she just wanted to breath without being at the same place over and over again.

Even though she liked her job she needed time away from all the stress.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Gingerly

By mywords2228

I love to write poetry and reading tons of books. I've starting to explore writing fiction so I hope you enjoy my work.