Daily Prompt: Dancing

You danced with so much grace on the stage last night that even though I was dragged to this talent show. 

I couldn’t get over how  amazing it was to see you move the way you did with so much ease and confidence, you didn’t let anything slow you down. 

The raw emotions I saw as you performed every move with so much ease and perfection, it showed how dedicated  you are to your dance and your smile glued me to my seat and I couldn’t look away if I tried. 

You smile gave me hope that one day I could be on the stage with you and all the people I knew were going to go somewhere and this was going to be the dream that they accomplished some how and some way. 

So times I felt so tore about how I could just take the risk of failure and just have a leap of faith that this too could work out for me. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Dancing

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