Daily Prompt: Faint

The voices of the people I thought would stay in my life

for a long time became faint as I walk away that day.

I didn’t remember what they said to me but my heart still feels a little empty

from the piece of me they took that night.

They didn’t even see me walk away or even cared if I had showed up

but the words they said just hit me so hard I felt pieces of my heart fall away and the pain was so much I almost fainted.

But, some how I got the strength to turn around and walk out that door and go to a place that ended up saving me from not recover from that pain.

There had always been someone there for me that didn’t like the other people I hung out with but respected that I like them but, always warned me that one day things would come clear to me.

And the first thing you did that night wasn’t tell me you told me so but, that you would do anything to take this pain away and that trying to get revenge wasn’t worth it for karma always comes back around.

My heart is fully healed now and you are still by my side not only protecting me but the family we built together and maybe one day our kids will have a friend who stands up for them like you did for me that day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Faint

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