Daily Prompt: Egg

Eggs I love to eat the scrambled

but eggs remind me of when I was a kid

and Easter would come around and you would go out searching for eggs

full of candy or toys and the joy it would bring me.

Now Eggs could mean am I putting all I have into one basket and just hoping it works out or am I allowing myself to try new things and go from there.

I  have to trust that even if I fail and that egg breaks I still have more to give at whatever I want to try my hand out.

My eggs aren’t breaking now but even when they do I’ll clean up the mess and do better next time and know that this isn’t the last thing I will do.

Next time I will go farther and the outcome will be better all I have to do is have a little faith and know I got this before I go in  feeling defeated before the battle has even begun.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Egg

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