Daily Prompt: Neighbors

It’s great to see your neighbor out and about and it’s even nicer when you can have a moment and just chat with them.

And just lost in the many things in life that are going on, you want to be friendly to all but some just dislike you before you even  get them.

Sometimes there are times when you notice the things the people are doing and you beginning to wonder what’s going on with your neighbors.

As the weather changes and winter starts to come in and maybe the snow will come and like every other winter you will all get together and help each other out.

Sometimes having neighbors are nice and other times you just want to be somewhere for your neighbor is a good mile or two away.

But, we can’t all get what we want and sometimes we have to just live with the option you have now and hope later you would have more time to.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Neighbors

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