Daily Prompt: Simmer

The water seems to slowly simmer as she waits for it to boil

so she can put in the rest of the food that will complete her meal.

But her patience is really low with a long day at work, she tries to will the water to speed up for she was getting more sleepy by the minute.

She need to eat and then head to bed and he was demanding and all she wanted was a good night of sleep and no stress because she had a lot on the table and she just didn’t know if she could get it done.

The water was not bubbling up enough for her to add the noodles, she wished it didn’t take this long to boil water.

And then she notices she never turned it up and it was all her fault and now she was going to be able to just relax and not stress.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Simmer