Daily Prompt: Gratitude

So much to be thankful for that sometimes it’s hard to say the words that need to be said.

For so many emotions sometimes just become overwhelming and I just need to take sometime to process it all before I can just let it out. 

But, when I am so thankful for someone I let them know and I try not to wait so long for life is short and missed opportunities sometimes eat you up inside when the one you want to say the words to are not around anymore and there is no amount of wishing to bring them back. 

Be thankful for every moment you get with the ones you love and be thankful that you get the chance to survive to see another day even if that day wasn’t that great. 

For one day everything will just click and you will wonder how lucky you got to live the life you are living now. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Gratitude