Daily Prompt: Prefer

I prefer a quiet day of reading or watching a good movie and staying inside.

I prefer to just relax and not move much after all week at work 

I prefer to not really be bothered seeing people for two days after seeing them all week and most of them were nice and with a couple of bad seeds here and there. 

I prefer to be around lots of people when I’m dying to see someone perform live and I just lucked out on the tickets. 

I prefer to be me and let some people in for it would be selfish to keep myself all to myself. 

I prefer to be quiet sometimes and just watch the things in life on the sideline 

I prefer the truth over lies even if it hurts me 

I prefer to believe in God and live my life with him as my savior and try not to judge those that don’t for we all have to decide the way we want to live. 

I prefer to be hopeful and positive for being negative really doesn’t get you anywhere fast. 

I prefer to be a little awkward and weird just because being normal is just way to boring. 

I prefer lots of things in life but if I keep listing them I think you would be here all day and would probably at some point prefer to stop reading and go to sleep. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Prefer