Daily Prompt: Express

Please express how you feel before I walk out that door

I’ve waited for so long trying to have patience because I wanted to give you space.

But, in the end it didn’t even work out because now I just can’t stand by and have you sometimes show me how you feel and other times play it off like we’re just friends.

I don’t want to seem like the one making stuff up but, I’m not the only one seeing you this way.

So I’m putting my foot down and I’m letting you know how I feel and if you don’t want to share with me tonight.

Then lets just leave what happened before in the past and lets just be friends and that be the end of it.

For I don’t play games with those I care about and mean something to me.

Today may be the last time you get to see a certain side of me but, you had your chance and once I walk out that door the wall is back up and everything you saw before will be gone.

But, tomorrow I promise you that I will be your friend but, you need to now give me the time to get over what you’ve done.

And, when I come back don’t try to win me back as more than your friend for you’ve had your time and I won’t be made a fool twice.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Express

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