How many poems

do I need to write to get your attention

for I don’t know how much creativity is left in me right now.

I may have to take a break and come back to write something that will finally catch your eye.

I’m trying to be who you need me to be right now but, how can I be when the hope and magic that once put a fire under me that burned to strong.

Nothing could stop me from writing for my fingers just needed to type or write on a piece of paper.

And now the thoughts don’t come out or my fingers just don’t feel inspired anymore and even when I do write something good the flow just doesn’t continue on.

It ends with that piece and the next time I think of writing it just feels like I’m poking at a fire that has been gone out in the hopes that it will start-up again.

And the writing and the feeling inside of me will feel the same again and all my work and hopes won’t be so discouraged.

But, every time things slow do that feeling of dread comes over me and I just can’t seem to go on but yet I sit here knowing I’m beyond tired but yet my body and soul has yet to give up even when I know it’s time for me to move forward.

It’s time for me to finally rest my eyes and sleep a little longer for its time to stop fighting and just give up.

The tears will stop falling and I will slowly become strong and closed off again but, right the feeling of being alone doesn’t bother me as much as it used too.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes