Daily Prompt: Succumb

He was tempted by her smile and the small lick of her lips.

And he was a goner

he never had a chance to get away,

he was hers with just that one look.

She knew with one kiss he would be hers and he would regret it but,for now she was going to have some fun.

He felt fine at first until he was all alone and everyone was Turning their backs on him.

Warning him that she was bad news and needed to leave her for they know what’s best for him.

And at first he didn’t want to listen to them but, soon standing outside in the rain he saw what she could do to a guy.

And he ran so fast and so hard that he didn’t stop until he got home.

With one call he ended things and he knew if he was tempted again he wouldn’t say yes to a smile that looked to good to be true.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: succumb

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