Daily Prompt: Popular

To be well liked by so many people

may have seemed like a good thing

at one moment of your life.

But, now you enjoy your alone time

that excludes other people and the peace and quiet.

Unless you listen to you favorite songs well getting lost in a book that keeps you reading for days.

This book you read is one of those well liked books and every time you are out and a bout reading it, someone always comments on how great and wonderful it is.

And for once you just want some peace and quiet and don’t want anyone to want to hangout around you and you feel right now I need to be unlike and just left to do what I want in peace.

So, being popular or have a very well liked object it’s just best to keep to yourself until maybe everyone gets tired of seeing you and will fade into the background.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Popular

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