Daily Prompt: Recreate

I want so bad now to recreate all the times we spent together but I know there is no going back.

As you leave me here to fight another day on this earth, I know that you are at peace in heaven.

I know that I am not the only sad one to see you go and it would be selfish of me to want you to be here still when you’re in a better place now.

I’d take all the rough days of my life just to be with you right now and see your face and feel your embrace.

But, I can’t go back to past and the tears I cry are for the moments I had with you and I love you and I know this day didn’t go very great.

But, hearing you were gone was a wake up call.

For no matter how busy and rude people are and will be, you were my little light that shined bright and you loved me so much and now I feel so sad.

I want to recreate the last moment I saw you and make it last for a lifetime but as I close my eyes tonight I know my thoughts will be about you.

I will carry my memories of you with me all the time and even though I wish the world would stop just for me to have enough time to be in my thoughts.

I know the world will carry on with or without me and I know I will build my wall back up and life will go on.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Recreate

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