Daily Prompt: Peculiar

She was unusually quiet today

That smile that brighten up rooms

was nowhere to be found.

Everyone was waiting for her to let them in on what was bothering her

but she never said a word to anyone and just stared on like she was dead inside.

It was like someone had knocked out the light inside of her and it was freaky to see such a happy person walk around like something was draining her down.

She worked as hard as before but the smile and laugh you loved to see and hear was gone.

She swear you heard her say something but yet the voice didn’t quite sound like her, she was the fresh air when you walked out your door and the sweet sounds of birds in the morning.

The cool breeze on a super hot day, she was the spring to the worst winter you had ever seen.

And now you felt so lost and the steps to figure it out just don’t seem possible when your light has dimmed and she isn’t there to guide you through this path your on now.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Peculiar

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