Daily Prompt: Continue

As the seasons begin to change and life seems to continue on as people start to bring out their coats.

And cold morning turn into cold afternoons to very cold nights

Soon all the leafs will start to fall of trees and people will continue to rake them up and put them in bags to be collected.

We seem to continue on in our life as problems pop up left and right and you’re stress levels raise day after day.

You want to continue to be happy in the life you live and sometimes you question the decisions you’ve made.

But, you continue on learning from your mistakes and others as well.

You don’t give up even when every bone in your body is screaming to just walk away and maybe just maybe you can get through this.

You come home completely exhausted with nothing left to give and your grateful for the time off, because you just can’t continue on with the low-level of energy running through you.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Continue