Daily Prompt: Memorize

She memorize the last text you sent her by heart before she deleted you from her phone

you chose the coward way out when it came to saying good-bye to her.

She moved on but seeing your face a couple of weeks later, the look on your face was pure fear as you didn’t know how she would react to seeing you again.

But, she held her head up high and smiled at her new guy next to her and walked right past you as if the last two years of dealing with you never existed at all.

She said a polite hi to your best friend before disappearing around the corner like a ghost from your past.

She had long forgotten the words that broke her heart and now remembered all the new moments she was making as she started dating other guys and she now knew what she was looking for.

And now knew the signs that would lead her down a path better not taken at all for the risk is not worth it in the end.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Memorize