Daily Prompt: Rhyme

A  lot of people like to rhyme and find the right word that rhymes good with

what they are trying to get across.

I don’t rhyme or try to rhyme just because as I write it doesn’t end up being that way.

But, it can be such an interesting thing to hear someone rhyming a poem out or a rap or a song.

For they are carefully picking out the right words to say to one another and they are trying craft out their thoughts in maybe complete sentences or just a couple of words.

We all know what we are good at and rhyming is something a lot of people like to play with and, I have seen some really good work and it makes me become fascinated by the process that person went through.

Rhyme something they say

and maybe one day I will but, not today I say .


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Rhyme