Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Like a magnet I was drawn to you the moment you smiled at me

Your smile was so bright and welcoming I just couldn’t look away.

And the way your eyes would always seem to light up when ever I came into a room

it was clear then that you were equally drawn to me as well.

Your laugh always seem to brighten up a room the minute it leaves your mouth

Your hugs were the best parts of my day, you always smelled like the fresh air from the mountains.

A little bit like wood and pinecones it was always refreshing to be around you.

You always liked to share the stories of your life and when you tell a story it would always draw in anyone that happened to be near.

We would all listen so closely and the story were always funny and entertaining to hear.

It was like we were destined to be together nothing seemed likely to pull us apart since that day long ago when you smiled at me.

Like that day every day spent with you seems like the first time we met refreshing and adventure just waiting for me to explore even if it takes a lifetime to learn everything about you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Magnetic

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