Daily Prompt: Solitary

Living a life of solitary would seem so sad

But, sometimes we just need to be alone

away from the things that seem to be too much to handle at the time.

A time to finally enjoy the things we have been waiting to have time to do

as you  get lost in story after story, only to come up for food and bathroom breaks.

You smile because it’s been so long since you got to finish a book in a day or two.

You feel so free as you take long walks with no rush or hurry to get back to anything.

Your days seem long but enjoyable for once and you take your time to get everything done.

You run for the door after a long day at work and look forward to the long weekend ahead.

For you have so much to do on your own and you look forward to the peace and the quiet that will surely follow.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Solitary






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