Daily Prompt: Jiffy

I knew talking him would just be a minute of his time for he was always so busy

and the time he had to give out was growing fewer these days.

I quickly said hello and then spilled out everything that I had felt and had gone through  these past couple of days.

And then like lightning you were gone off to tend to the list of responsibilities you had to get done.

And in the moment I hoped you’d  come back later and say something, as the day went on I tried to keep you off my mind as much as possible.

I soon lost myself in a book while listening to some music and didn’t hear you knocking on my door.

It wasn’t until my phone lite up and your name was on my scene did I pause my music and answered my phone.

You asked if I was home and I said yes, you said then open the door please and I smiled knowing you would show up tonight.

We talked as the night faded away into the morning and until we just fall asleep, the next morning I woke up and you were still around and I feared you were late for something.

So I woke you and you smiled at me and wrapped me in your arms, I leaned into you and asked if you had to be somewhere and I didn’t mean to make you over-sleep.

You smiled and said there was no place you needed to be then right here with me and that everything else could wait.

For today was ours to enjoy and explore and remember and cherish for a lifetime.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Jiffy