Somethings are

better off left alone and I felt that way when it comes to you.

But, from time to time my thoughts drift to you and I feel like I should reach out over the miles of distance that kept us from being so close again.

And just try to be your friend but, then I realize why would i want that or am I really sure I want to go down that long and lonely path again.

Something are better left alone the past whisper to me as the future shines a light down my path to help guide  me away from the things I think I want  or need in my life.

As the door closes and locks for good this time I’m truly don’t ever wonder if I made the right decision for my life is so full of joy, peace, and it feels so much more complete than before.

When there were so many holes I didn’t know if I could fill them all and so I would end up drowning from all the things pouring into the life I thought I wanted and needed at the time.

God finally showed me what I needed and wanted was not the same.

And, that I was better off with the baggage from my past out of my life.

For what I stood for now wasn’t the same and who I was

was not the same girl as before.

I needed to embrace the new me and try not to get in trouble.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes