How can I

put someone else in front of you

when all I keep doing is having dreams of you.

What do they mean when  I know the possibility of them becoming true is 100% not possible.

And I’m fine about that because you’re not on the table anymore and I can put whoever

I want above you and have them erase the memories of you so quickly.

I would be like you never exist to me and I’d be fine with that.

I have come around so much since you’ve been gone and I don’t doubt the things I do or say anymore.

No sadness always around me like a bad mood you just can’t shake after someone just ruined your sunny day.

I had those feelings for you but now I have those feelings for myself for I choose to love myself so when the right person comes around I will know who is worth my time.

And that I’m worth whoever comes my way but it’s always up to me if I want to explore the possibilities of it becoming more than it could be.


You were always my partner in crime

You were never scared of the things in this life.

That others feared like where would they end up in life

would they ever amount too much in the end.

You always knew that no matter what you end up during you would

do it to the best of your abilities.

You and I went on such great adventures that those memories will last

a lifetime for me.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




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  1. Yes my dear, hang on to those great adventures. Believe me, they will become fond to you. There’s pain now, but with each passing day the pain will be less. This person obviously wasn’t worthy of you.

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