Maybe you weren’t looking for any attention as you did your shopping

but as I call your name.

You look embarrassed and shocked to be seen by someone you know.

You said you had a hot date and wanted to look your best

I said that’s great and that you look very nice.

Even as I said the words, you notice I wasn’t the only one looking at you

as a group of guys walk pass us and do cat calls towards you.

You seem to feel like maybe the attention you were going for wasn’t the best


But, I assure you that you look just great for a date and anytime you just want to dress up for you.

I tell you don’t worry so much about what others say or act for there is nothing wrong with the attention you wanted from your date that night.

I hug you and tell you to have a great night out and the guy spending time with you is a lucky guy.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes