going places and life isn’t slowing down for you just to enjoy the little moments in life. You blink and what felt like a minute really was an hour and soon your day is almost over and you just wanted to breathe and not be stressed out for a minute. But, life is pulling you…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Memorize

She memorize the last text you sent her by heart before she deleted you from her phone you chose the coward way out when it came to saying good-bye to her. She moved on but seeing your face a couple of weeks later, the look on your face was pure fear as you didn’t know…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Enamored

He was enchanted by her beauty that he didn’t see the red flags that were flashing in front of his eyes. Until it was too late and her enchanted beauty melted away and her beauty was nowhere to be found. She was as nasty as her attitude and even though she was not ugly the…Read more »

Moving on

seems like the only thing I can do as my life seems¬† to be dying here. Like grass with no hope of rain to come, I’m drying up and turning to a shade of lifelessness. And before I go I wanted to know wherever I go I will finally have found the peace that I…Read more »