Daily Prompt: Traditional

So many things in life people want to keep it the traditional way

and maybe somethings are precious enough to keep it traditionally.

But, sometime things are meant to change and go in a new way and that’s okay too.

Each generation change the things that came before them for they feel this is a better path for them.

But, we all in a way make the same mistakes because, we didn’t want to listen to those that came before us.

Or we have no one to tell us that the way we are going isn’t the right path to be on but, sometimes we want what others have.

And the facts don’t matter at the time because what we see is something that looks great but as time goes by the image we saw starts to crack and we see what it looks like to live that life.

And it is not as pretty as we thought it would be and do we start to think that the traditional way is a better way or is it just a wiser way and it makes us stop and think about the things we are allowing in our lives.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Traditional

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