Your eyes

are on me like you’ve never seen anyone like me

and I want to say something but the words just won’t slip out my mouth.

I feel like you’re being very rude right now and I want to say a few words to you

but instead I find myself writing a couple of paragraphs to you.

As if I’m writing a letter to one of my long-lost friends.

I say nothing as I past you and drop the letter in front of you and as you say

what is this.

I say read it and find out and if your still curious about me just call or text the number at the end of the letter.

I smile and wave goodbye as I walk out that door to either hear from you or to not care that our path may not cross again.

But, I know for sure that I won’t forget those eyes after that day of us staring longing at each other as if we were both trying to figure out a puzzle and wanted to be  the one to solve it the fastest.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes