I could

never just hide behind my words when it came to you

it’s like you knew the truth before I tried to cover up the things going on with me inside.

You never seem to let me doubt myself for too long

you always wanted me to believe that I was better than I felt I was.

That one day I would become the man you hoped and believed I would be

and even though things were changing you were still around.

But, now your going through so much and I don’t know where to start

to help you get through it all.

But, I won’t give up on you even though you are pushing and pulling me in so many directions.

I know that you care and I know that I care for you and in the end this friendship will just grow stronger.

There is no ending for us right now and I needed you to know that as you fall farther away from me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes